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Depressing Rock Song

this prolly won't be very funny to many ppl... it is to me though so it is here...



I grew up in a little suburbia

I graduated at the top of my class

My parents loved me

My friends they all envy

The kind of life that they all knew that I had

I got accepted to an Ivy League college

My mom and dad paid every step of the way

Im graduated now in financial Freedom

Im getting thousands of job offers a day

But uncle cliff said to follow my passion

He told me I should always do what I like

Ive always dreamed of someday being a rock star

So I went out and did my hair in a spike

I got a tattoo and a couple of piercings

I threw out all my Abercrombie and Fitch

When I started all my rock and roll lyrics

I realized there might be one tiny hitch

Because I aint got no minor drama

And I aint got no burning pain

Aint got no reason to be angry

Aint got no reason to complain


Im trying to write a depressing rock song

But everything in my life is ok

I aint got no depressing story

Ive never really even had a bad day