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Kurt Cobain Quiz

Take The Kurt Cobain Quiz

i love nirvana but this is hilarious...

1.  Kurt NoBrain killed himself because?
     a.  He was a loser.
     b.  He had nothing better to do.
     c.  He thought the gun was a Q-Tip.

2.  Some Cobain followers also killed themselves because?
     a.  They are losers.
     b.  They were playing follow the leader.
     c.  They also thought the gun was a Q-Tip.

3.  Cobain fans dress like Kurt because?
     a.  He was a loser.
     b.  Stealing clothes from the Salvation Army bin is easy.
     c.  They have no thoughts of their own and need a leader.
     d.  They are practicing to be homeless bums.

4.  Cobain fans like to call themselves Generation X because?

     a.  Kurt was a loser.
     b.  They can spell X
     c.  They are losers.

5.  Cobain fans say Kurt spoke for them because?

     a.  While they watch, love and believe in Barney, they are not sure 
if he is a real person.
     b.  They are losers.

6.  Cobain knew that his fans thought he was cool because?

     a.  Kurt was a loser.
     b.  He didn't like to bath.
     c.  He was a poet.

7.  If you can understand everything Kurt is signing you?

     a.  Purchased a copy of the lyrics.
     b.  Are on some kind of drug and are imagine you understand the 
     c.  Kurt was a loser.  (I know it doesn't go with the question but 
it is still a good answer.)

8.  Kurt and his followers.

     a.  Are losers.
     b.  all of the above

9.  Kurt's last words were?

     a.  What happens if I pull this trigger?
     b.  I am a loser.
     c.  OUCH!!!!!!

10.  Ms. Cocaine-Love(r) is?

     a.  A loser.
     b.  A widow.
     c.  An unfit mother.
     d.  Butt ugly.
     f.  A lousy singer.
     g.  All of the above.

11. Twenty years from now in a listing of great groups/singers Nirvana 
will be listed between __________________ and _______________?

     a.  ABBA and the Bay City Rollers.
     b.  Ann Murray and Neil Diamond.
     a.  All they will remember is that Kurt was a loser.

12.  Kurt and Courtney used (in Courtney cases uses) drugs because?

     a.  They are both losers.
     b.  They wanted to be a good role model for their child.
     c.  They were upset that Mork from Ork was not a real person.

13.  In 15 years Kurt and Courtney's child will claim?

     a.  Kurt was a loser.
     b.  She was abandoned at birth.
     c.  Never heard of Nirvana.
     d.  Kurt was a loser.
     e.  Both a and d.

14.  A tree falls in the forest, no one is around............

     a.  It does not make a noise
     b.  It makes a noise
     c.  Kurt was a loser.